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fables, twilight manips, gossip girl cast. [thursday
march 13, 2008
at 5:44pm

I've been sitting on some of these icons for ages and lately I've gotten inspired to make more and instead of waiting to finish a full batch, I thought I'd post these since it's been ages since my last post. Unfortunately, I can't promise more frequest posts, but watch this space. ;)

[5]Gossip Girl cast.
[16]Twilight manips.



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stardust, white oleander, brick. [saturday
november 17, 2007
at 5:26pm

Real life has sort of cleared itself up, and I have a ton of pictures on my hard drive that need to be put to use, so hopefully I'll start posting more often now and you guys haven't forgotten about me. So to make up for my ridiculous absence, I'm going to prove that I really can make icons in a timely manner and post these.

I'd love to make more Stardust icons, but the caps I had were sort of sub-par, so if anyone could point me to some better screencaps, I'll be sure to do something with them.

[17]Alison Lohman in White Oleander



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girls, girls, girls [part 2]. [thursday
november 15, 2007
at 9:43pm

Semi-massive icon dump. The second part of that post I almost did way back when.

[6]Majandra Delfino
[14]Rachel McAdams
[25]Michelle Trachtenberg

[45] total.


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girls, girls, girls. [part 1] [wednesday
september 26, 2007
at 5:14pm


So here's my new resolution: I'm not going to wait until an entire set is done to post it. Because I get bored/impatient/distracted, and then certain icons sit on my HD for yonks while I putter around before returning to finish the set. It's easier for me and you get more frequent posts. In theory.

SERIOUSLY, this post is ENORMOUS. Dial-up-ers beware! Photobucket crapped out on me when I was halfway done uploading the images, so look out for the second part of this post when it's back to life.

[2]Katherine Heigl
[8]Edie Sedgwick
[19]Alona Tal
[30]Alison Lohman

[49] total.


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illyria, mal/inara, victoria frances, spike. [thursday
may 31, 2007
at 8:50pm

Once again, I bring a very mixed bag of random things. I've been very bipolar, icon-wise, so I've been going from subject to subject and not fishing very many icons at a time, so there's all these half-done icons sitting around on my computer. I figure I should dump the ones that are done or mostly done so I can organize things a bit more. Like I said - very random things. Also, some of these are crap, because I did kind of a half-assed job finishing them before moving on to something more fun. You've been warned.

[8]Victoria Frances art
[8]Spike (Fool For Love)
+ [4]Spike ship icons
= [34]total.


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x-men movieverse. [saturday
april 07, 2007
at 10:15pm
I am currently studying abroad in London, so I won't be posting very much. But sometimes when I'm resting (lying around) at home, I get the urge to do something mindless like make icons, so maybe there'll be a few more random posts. I found some of these icons lying around my hard drive, and decided to finish them and post them, as well as use some of the random caps that were also floating around. So some of these icons are kind of crap, and some are okay. I'm going to throw them out here anyway.

[26]various X-Men movieverse icons (mostly Rogue or Rogue/Logan with a few Pyro and Bobby thrown in from the first and third movies)
[BONUS:4]comic Rogue/Logan icons



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fashion, perfume [thursday
january 18, 2007
at 7:21pm
My posts lately have been few and far between, which is kind of sad. But now, I have a large batch of fashion icons from various lovely photoshoots on foto_decadent which I've been itching to work on for some time. And I've just seen Perfume, which is a stunning, disturbing, well-shot movie. And Rachel Hurd-Wood (remember her from Peter Pan?) was in it, and she looked lovely, so I had to construct a few icons of her as well. So here goes.

[9]Rachel Hurd-Wood in Perfume



What a lovely way to burn.Collapse )
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draco/ginny, michelle trachtenberg [monday
december 11, 2006
at 7:53pm
Two of my favorite things in one post! I made icons of gapicons's gorgeous D/G artwork for her fanmix, Into the Night. And then I made Michelle icons from her lovely lovely Mean Magazine photoshoot. I could stare at her for hours, no joke.

[13]Draco, Ginny, Draco/Ginny
[14]Michelle Trachtenberg



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twiggy, melissa, anna, angelina, cintia [saturday
november 25, 2006
at 4:33pm
Hot on the heels of my previous post. Told you I'm cleaning out the old hard drive! So I can focus on and give more attention to new icons without all the old ones hanging around, needing to be posted. I had to split them into two posts so it wouldn't be overwhelming. I think this is the last of them, whew.

[4]Twiggy (there is a sad lack of her pictures out there)
[6]Melissa George (aka sex on legs)
[7]Angelina Jolie (I don't think I did her justice, but I had to try)
[17]Anna Paquin (my number three girlcrush)
[54]Cintia Dicker (my number two girlcrush)



I want to be the girl with the most cake.Collapse )
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marie antoinette, fashion [saturday
november 25, 2006
at 3:25pm
It's been forever again! And things have accumulated like crazy again! So here are a few Marie Antoinette icons (if you haven't seen it, go. now.) and a ton of fashion icons. Voila. I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out, myself.

[5]Marie Antoinette



The crashing time can hide a guilty girl.Collapse )
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